Winter cottage mittens

Last summer, I was thrilled to win the yarn and pattern to make Winter Cottage Mittens using Posh Yarn and Dee‘s own pattern in a competition run by Annat2 on her blog. I was a little worried about trying colourwork for the first time and so I procrastinated and delayed until the coldest days of late January finally persuaded me to cast on for the project at the beginning of this month.

The first mitten took me a full week to knit, but I’d got into the swing of it by the second one, and that one only took three days – that’s progress for you! I’ve been waiting to post this until I got a decent photo of them, but I keep forgetting to ask one of the family to take a picture of me wearing them, the few times we’re together in daylight, so I’ve given up! You’ll have to make do with this picture of them lying on my jumper on top of a clothes horse!

Also, please forgive the wavy edge to the cuffs – I’ve been wearing these since I finished them, every day for the school run, so the cuffs aren’t as neat as they were when they were newly knitted! I love them though; they really keep my hands warm, they’re cheerful to look at and they even serve as an impromptu purse when I need to nip to the shop for bread or milk after dropping the kids at school!


3 Responses

  1. gorgeous!

  2. Well done Jennie!
    I’m so glad you used the yarn, and the pattern. They look absolutely gorgeous.
    I’m also a little fearful of colourwork – so maybe 2010 will be the year I take my heart in my hands and get to it…

  3. Thank you – I really love them, and everyone in my knitting group has been furiously trying to steal them!

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