Calling Cardiff bloggers!

I read a blog post today by The Guardian’s Cardiff beatblogger, Hannah Waldram (see original here), advertising a meet up for Cardiff bloggers, on Thursday 11th March at 7pm in Pica Pica bar on Westgate Street (opposite the Millennium Stadium). Any of you interested? I mention it mainly for those of you who use your blogs to help showcase your products for sale and who therefore would naturally be interested in any ideas to help grow your blog audience – Machelle and Ellie spring to mind. However, I think this might be of interest to anyone with an enthusiasm and curiosity about using social media, and who (like me) would like the grow their blog, just for fun!

The concept interests me, I’d like to know a little more, like how long the event is likely to take, how many people they expect to attend etc. But what do all of you who live nearby think??

EDITED TO ADD…Also, have any of you attended an event like this before? Was it useful? Would you recommend it?


3 Responses

  1. oooo sounds interesting will put it in the diary and as long as we can go knit after!! lol

  2. I am coming! Ellie – we’ll knit for sure.

  3. Yay! Now all I need is for one of you two to remind me to go…I’m sure you’re aware of how awful my memory is! Oh, and Mr P, you only have one day to get in a pie of the month – I’ve been back reading your blog, and I’m looking forward to the second pie!

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