Outpourings of happiness!

Hurrah! Hooray! And expressions of great joy! The Shawl of (was Doom but is now) Happiness is done, and therefore my main project and medal hope for the 2010 Ravelympics is complete and has been submitted!

I will hopefully have a lovely picture of it being worn by it’s intended recipient soon, but for now, have this one which highlights the stitch detail.

Nothing else much to report, other than that I made a very nice (if I say so myself) dinner this evening, the recipe for which I intend to post right as soon as I get some time to write the recipe out nicely! I hope you’re all well, and that all of your projects etc are going as well as the Shawl of Happiness!


8 Responses

  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations!

  2. yay! can’t wait to see it in all of its glory 🙂 I finished up my second project today too!

  3. Oh my it is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish 🙂

  4. Congratulations – that is lovely!

  5. ooh it’s lovely!

  6. Woot! I love it.

  7. Thank you all so much! I’m so pleased to have finally (after nearly a year!) got it done! Oh, and @Gina – that’s just showing off! Well done on the double triumph though!

  8. So lovely and touchable… are you kicking yourself now for not finishing it sooner? I get that way with the pretty FOs, why did I think they were such a pain??

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