Relaxing Saturday

Today has been a very restful day. It started off with my sleeping in, eventually waking for my first cup of tea just before 10am. Then, after some reading in bed (essential lazy day activity) I eventually got up and cleaned out my big kitchen store cupboard, and did some laundry. Now, I know that doesn’t sound relaxing, but the cupboard is something I’ve been meaning to tackle for some time and I’d just not found the time. I knew that I’d enjoy my afternoon much more if I’d done something useful in the morning, and so I did. Most of the afternoon was spent knitting, a large chunk of it whilst listening to the afternoon play on Radio 4 starring David Tennant (Scottish accent and all – a happy hour and a half, even if his character was a little too lecherous for my tastes!). I also discovered (only a week late!) that I can watch the Olympics by pressing the red button on BBC 2. Bless me! I had been grumbling and whingeing to myself that there was very limited coverage of the Olympics on the BBC, and there it was all along! So we watched some ice dancing, some slalom-y stuff and some curling. Then we moved on to ‘Back to the Future 3’, which series my children have only recently been introduced to by their godmother. I made a sort of halfway to lasagne pasta bake for tea, and have since been on my laptop. Good times!

I did manage to get a goodly amount of knitting done, although I’m not letting myself count the lace repeats any more as it was getting too disheartening when I realised each time how much I had left to do. So, as I’ve more or less got to knit to the end of the ball of yarn, I thought I might as well just knit and try not to think how much I’ve done or how much I’ve got left until the ball of yarn is about the size of a marble. At which point I’ll cast off, it will be done and all will be well with the world. Hurrah!

Tomorrow I have the delightful prospect of someone else cooking my dinner for me, and hopefully a few more hours of uninterrupted knitting time. Also, as I don’t take my Shawl of Doom anywhere that I might be required to talk, when I go out tomorrow, I’ll be taking my ‘Not Socks’ which I’m knitting as part of a KAL (knitalong) initiated by my friend Ellie to a pattern created by another friend of mine, Machelle. I have talented friends!


6 Responses

  1. Here’s hoping that the ball of yarn is marble-sized in no time! Can’t wait to see pics of your finished shawl. And congratulations on accomplishing the cleaning and organizing. Sometimes housework is the hardest thing to get done. (At least for me.)

  2. Enjoy the rest of your relaxing weekend..and the dinner!!!

  3. Jennie, are you sure your not a little Jewish, 🙂 The cleaning of cupboards before Passover is a very traditional thing to do.
    The idea is to remove all the hummitz ( anything with leavening in it) so that your house would be kosher for passover. You would then sell it to a non Jewish nieghbor, so that they couldn’t just give it back to you at the end of Passover. I personally don’t quite get the last part there but go figure!
    I’m enjoy reading your posts, and I want to thank you for visiting my site as well. Have a good Sunday .
    Talk to you later.A,J,

  4. I love the way you call it a Shawl of Doom – that’s exactly how I think of my tricky projects!

  5. Ha ha I can’t wait to see the shawl of doom!!! I stupidly have two on the go at the mo and plans for another DOH!!!

    Hey I have finally posted some of my productiveness after our day in Cardiff!!! check it out!!

  6. @Kara, Michela, teadevotee and Ellie – thank you for the supportive comments. I’m not joking when I say that positive comments really do inspire me to get through tiresome projects!

    @A.J. – I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t have anything with leavening left in my cupboard! So maybe there is a little bit of Jewish in me! However, my primary aim was to get all the out of date packets and dust out of the cupboard, which I also achieved, which made me happy! I suppose the food is sold because if you just gave it to a neighbour, they might look on it as just looking after the food for passover rather than actually owning the food themselves?

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