Snowing again

It’s snowing again. The first I knew of it was when I looked out the window and saw snowflakes the size of snowballs falling past my living room window. Some cherubs in the sky are having a little fun with us, methinks! So I rushed outside and took the above picture of my car, in an attempt to capture the size of the snowflakes. The enormous blobs of white aren’t a distortion, the snowflakes really are that big!)As you can see, Tallulah (my car, don’t judge me) is already losing her gorgeous turquoise hues (the colour of the season, apparently, so my car is totally on trend for Spring 2010!) in favour of a fluffy white coat. It’s only five minutes since I took that photo, and already her white coat has doubled or more in thickness.

I had to laugh though, as when I came back in from my impromptu photo session, my BBC news alert flashed up on my screen to tell me that south and east Wales should expect some more heavy snow. Well, duh!

My mum once told me that in Norway, such large snowflakes heralded the beginning or end of a significant snowfall. The snowflakes have got smaller now, although I can’t tell if the ground is too wet for it to settle. I’ll keep you posted!


4 Responses

  1. Just sleet and rain this side of the Bristol Channel. Think I prefer your weather x

  2. A wimpy snow none the less. Want some of ours? šŸ™‚

  3. Snow’s all gone now – didn’t last long, but as I hadn’t seen the weather forecast it came as something of a surprise! But no, thanks, you can keep your snow. I’m so looking forward to spring now, and I’m enjoying seeing the crocuses and snowdrops outside my flat. So you can have your winter wonderland all to yourselves!! Any sign of it going yet?

  4. The ground is still covered by several inches of the stuff but we have had two days warm enough to do some decent melting. YAY!

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