Ash Wednesday

Today is the first day of Lent, and so traditionally sacrifices are made until Easter. This is generally in the form of giving up certain items of luxury food. And so, as I have done before, I’ll be giving up chocolate, sweets and cake.

I’ve done it before, and feel better for giving up these things which don’t do me any good anyway! Today and tomorrow will be easy. I predict that by the weekend I may well start couting down the days to Easter, and next week and the one after I’ll find hard. Chocolate will appear to be everywhere, and I’ll get strong urges to bake stuff. But I know how it goes, having given up something most years since I was about twelve or thirteen, so I also know that by early March I’ll be feeling much less bothered by the lack of sweeties in my life!

What I have to fight against, though, is the urge to replace chocolate, sweets and cake with other snacky substitutes. Biscuit and crisp intake will not be increased!

Oh, and when I mentioned Lent to my husband yesterday, he suggested I should give up knitting for Lent! I got a little testy with him, and may have snapped something at him along the lines of ‘worst idea ever’, ‘what was he thinking’ and ‘not about to give up my entire social life for a month and a half’. I believe I also said something about ‘I’d consider it when you give up TV, computer games, beer, wine and all other alcohol’!


7 Responses

  1. Giving up knitting? Does he have a death wish?!

  2. lol re the knitting!

    Good Luck!!!!

  3. That sounds like something my husband would say too! I haven’t thought of what I’ll be giving up yet…I’ve discovered that when I give up certain things they no longer hold an appeal for me.

  4. Re: Giving up the knitting.

    I’ll say you got testy! I think someone might have an addiction problem 🙂

  5. 😯 someone’s angling for a night on the sofa!!!!

  6. Your reaction sounds like mine would be if told to give up my coffee for Lent. 🙂

  7. @BMS – night on the sofa/in the car/at his mother’s – there’s a choice!

    @Gina – I won’t be particularly bothered about eating chocolate etc by Easter. It’s the first couple of weeks that are the hardest. Perhaps I’ll give up something else if that gets too easy!

    @GG aka Husband – if it is an addiction, at least it is a useful thing to be doing. Would you rather that I was addicted to expensive beauty treatments, or £500 handbags? Or vodka??

    @Doggonedmysteries – it was clearly an unreasonable suggestion, and I’m glad you understand!!

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