Day three, I think I’m getting somewhere.

I’m not sure it’s anywhere I want to be though.

I’ve managed another lace repeat and a bit today, so I’m up to eight pattern repeats out of twenty two. I’m going to try to finish number nine before I go to bed, and then knit another two tomorrow to see me half way through! Fingers crossed! However, I’m not enjoying this shawl any more than I was yesterday. I don’t think I will actually enjoy it until I’m on the twenty first pattern repeat. And then maybe I’ll get nostalgic by the time I hit repeat 22, thinking that it is the last time I’ll be knitting each row of the pattern. I’ll let you know when I get there! But, just to prove that I’m not making my progress up, here’s a WIP shot for you;

However, tomorrow, I get to knit something different for a while. I’m having a little trip out with a knitty friend, and as I need to concentrate too much on the shawl I’m going to take something new to start while we enjoy some hot chocolate somewhere! I can’t wait to knit something else for a change!

GG had a day off today, which was nice. We had a nice lie-in this morning, while Handsome brought us a cup of tea in bed. Then we potched around the flat, doing this and that (including teaching Cheeky how to clean a bathroom – I’m investing in the future!). Cheeky has also been busy today designing and helping to make a birthday present for his auntie – GG’s sister celebrates her birthday tomorrow, and the children are old enough now that they want to think of presents for themselves. I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow. I’m fairly certain my sister in law has never looked at this blog in the three and a half years I’ve been writing it, but knowing my luck she’d look for the first time tomorrow!

I’m enjoying following the blogs of everyone I’ve found who is taking part in the knitting olympics or the Ravelympics – I think most people are pleasantly surprised by the amount of knitting they’ve managed to achieve in just the first few days of the challenge. I know I’ll be extremely happy if I manage to reach half way by tomorrow night.


7 Responses

  1. ravolympics is great! This is the first time I’m participating and I love how much it’s inspired me to pick up all those discarded WIPs I have lying around the house. The lace shawl looks wonderful!

  2. ooooh that is so lovely!!! I adore lace!

  3. that is absolutely stunning! wow!

  4. How lovely and delicate!! Knitting is one of the crafts I’d love to try . . . after I get a handle on sewing!

  5. That is gorgeous! Grandma tried for years to teach me to knit and crochet but I never had the patience for it. Fortunately, G loves to do both and is always willing to make a few things for me. It is nice to have a knitting neighbor/best friend. 🙂

  6. Hi Jennie!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your progress on your ravelympics lace project is amazing!

  7. Thanks for all the compliments. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made, however, I forgot how busy today would be and therefore there’s no more progress been made today. I am enjoying the challenge of the deadline, although I think that my husband would prefer me to sit beside him in stillness in the evenings, rather than clicketing endlessly away with my knitting needles!

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