Progress on crafty stuff

Last week I posted about the amount of unfinished projects I have on the go. I’m happy to report that progress of a sort has been made! I finished my mittens (pictures to follow – they’re yummy!), finished Handsome’s jumper, and started another one for him. Oh yeah, funny story about that. I finished the first jumper at the weekend, got him to try it on and promptly started another, almost before he’d wrestled the first one off. Why? Because apparently he’s had a massive growth spurt since I cast on last summer, and so now the jumper doesn’t go near him! However, on the plus side, Cheeky now has an unexpected new jumper, so all is not lost. I knew there was a good reason to have another child!

Seriously though, the pattern makes an extraordinarily short jumper. I’m now knitting the age 10 size, and after measuring my (average height) nearly nine year old son, I increased the length by 2 inches to make sure that this one does more than just reaches his waistband!

I’ve finished the front of the jumper and have cast on for the back, which I’ll work on tonight at Stitch and Bitch. It’s a really quick knit, so hopefully it’ll be ready for him to wear by the end of next week.

I might have to make March my finishing off WIPs (works in progress) month.


2 Responses

  1. I think I need to join you in casting WIPs in March lol!

  2. I washed that wool this afternoon – I was fed up with the headaches the yarn’s smell was giving me. I must remember to ask Machelle if she thinks that there might have been some sort of fixative that wasn’t washed off properly. So I’ve got three skeins of aran yarn drying over the bath now! I’m re-starting one of my long-resting WIPs tomorrow for the Ravelympics, so that should be one down before very much longer!

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