A new page just about food!

While I was writing out the Toad in the Hole recipe earlier today, I was thinking about the other recipes that I’ve posted since I started the blog a few years ago. I realised that I would have posted enough to create a separate page with links to each post. So that is what I’ve done! All the recipes I post are easy to follow, as I don’t generally have the time or the patience to cook things which are fiddly or take all day! So now, if you remember a recipe that I’ve posted before, but can’t remember exactly when that would have been, you can go to the specially designated page and hopefully find it quickly. I’m planning on posting some more recipes very soon for other quick, easy and cheap family meals which we enjoy regularly.

Click here, or click the tab at the top of the blog to visit my recipes page.


2 Responses

  1. You have a lot if interesting things here..When I was looking around I noticed some of your tags. We have some of the same intrest..I am new at all this,but it seams like you have a handle on thing. Last year we also had a small vegitable garden, it was a lot of hard work but worth every bite.My Husband and I are Rep.of an online Grocery Store, and the prices are unbeatable if fact they have a double you money back guarantee. Check it out at http://www.MyHarvestAmerica.com/subscribe

  2. That is a very smart idea!

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