The Lancet issues retraction of MMR ‘dangers’

I’m a little behind the times with this, but as I published a post a couple of years back stating my position about vaccination I decided I’d like to follow up with the latest news about ‘The Lancet’ accepting that the evidence of the MMR vaccine being dangerous was false. I was prompted into recording this news here by a blog post by Heather Spohr in which she mentions that she has taken part in a Momversation about The Lancet’s retraction.

Having been attacked by commenters to my original blog post on the subject (I later found out that a post had been written on the Environment Of Harm Yahoo group website encouraging members to attack me on my blog) I at last feel a little vindicated in supporting vaccination. I know that to a large extent the damage has been done – in that public perception of these vaccines may have been irretrievably harmed – but hopefully the uptake of the vaccines will get back to pre-scare levels soon.

One Response

  1. It is about time. But sadly the damage has been done. I just hope that with time it can be undone.

    I get to deal with the anti vaccinationists in person at Heidi’s early intervention centre. Have laughed in the face of people horrified that I’m poisoning my child with vaccines. Ummm she is already on the autism spectrum people, she exhibited spectrum behaviour from in the womb. Nothing to do with vaccines, get the hell over it.

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