Is ‘live and let live’ not an acceptable way of life?

I rarely buy newspapers, but while I was out shopping today I bought the Guardian. While reading it, I came across an article about Pope Benedict and his remarks on a recent meeting with the British R.C. Bishops about how they should unleash their ‘missionary zeal’ on the UK in an effort to sort out our ‘unjust’ equality legislation that prevent people from adhering to the tenets of their religion in their every day lives. At first, I genuinely thought (bless me and my optimistic innocence!) that he was preaching the sort of tolerance and acceptance which is such a part of my Christian faith (for the sake of clarity I should state that I’m a protestant, although I believe that these are at the core of the whole Christian faith). But no. Apparently, the ‘unjust’ equality legislation is that which we have already recently gained in the UK with regard to homosexual couples and gay adoption as well as employment equality rights.

It made me so cross to read that. It made me angry that the Pope was essentially preaching intolerance for people of other beliefs and other ways of life. This is what leads us into so many conflicts. Surely in these troubled times internationally we need our civil and religious leaders to be talking about unity, tolerance, understanding and compassion. There is far more that unites the peoples of the world than divides us, but the last thing we all need right now is for such influential people to preach such hatred and send such divisive messages around the world.


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