Lovely Stratford Upon Avon

I’ve just had a lovely weekend away with my husband in Stratford Upon Avon. It was his idea, and completely booked by him, so I was very spoiled!

We stayed in a gorgeous five star guest house called Cherry Trees. It was really conveniently located, just over a footbridge from the main town and the Royal Shakespeare Company theatres. On our arrival, they couldn’t do more to make us feel welcome.

Even though it was nearer dinner time than afternoon tea, a tray with a pot of tea, scones and jam was brought to our room. Our breakfast order was taken so that it would be ready at the time we specified that we’d like the meal. Our room was beautiful as well.

A lovely old fashioned four poster bed, living room area with comfy chairs and a chaise longue. We even had our own private conservatory with two more comfy armchairs and tea and coffee making facilities (including a little fridge with milk, filtered water and chocolate!). We also had access to a small garden with a pond and water features.

I couldn’t recommend this guesthouse more. It was fabulous service, a fabulous location, and a lovely comfortable room. If you’re visiting the area, see if they have any vacancies. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

More soon, including the town, the theatre and the eateries!


4 Responses

  1. oh it looks absolutely darling!

  2. I’m completely envious of your weekend in Stratford Upon Avon. I’m a bit of a Shakespeare fan (well…I’m obsessed…and randomly quote him where ever I happen to be – drives family and friends nuts!).

    Wow! is all I can say and I’m glad you had a fabulous time. Now I know where to stay when / if I make it to Stratford upon Avon.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Frugal Trenches – it is! More photos to follow when I stop being so lazy!

    Bonniezink – as well as where to stay, I’ll be writing about two fantastic place to eat soon, which really deserve the recognition and recommendation. Thank you for your visit!

  4. I’m green with envy. That looks like such a relaxing place to visit.

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