Things to make me glad

After many, many weeks of cold, dark, rainy and sometimes snowy times, finally the first herald of spring has arrived in our front garden. The snowdrops have started to bloom. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet brought any crisp, sunny days with them, so my camera was sulking when I took the photo of them, refusing to believe that I didn’t want to use a flash! And, as I was balancing somewhat precariously to take the picture, it’s a little fuzzier than I’d like. However, you get the general gist. I’d not noticed them because I always look to the right when I leave the house, looking for where the snowdrops were last year. This year, though, there’s only one lonely looking little snowdrop sitting in last year’s patch, so I think something has been at the bulbs. So, I had a lovely surprise to see this healthy looking little patch around the left side of my house.

The other thing which made me happy yesterday was this glorious sunset.

This is the view from the front of our house, so we had a grandstand view of these beautiful sky colours from our living room window. Again, I don’t think my camera really did the sunset justice last night. It amazes me that such colours can be seen in the sky, and I sat gazing at it, enraptured, for some time before it occurred to me to rush outside with my camera.

Little bits of blue are just starting to appear through the clouds, so hopefully this afternoon will be a little brighter than we’ve grown accustomed to over the past couple of weeks. I find it very hard to get energised to do anything when the world outside looks so grey and gloomy. Bring on balmy spring days!

5 Responses

  1. Both are absolutely beautiful!

    Jennie, can I ask, how do you get those banners (liek free rice or Jamie Oliver’s) on a wordpress blog? I can’t figure it out!

  2. My snowdrops are peeking out of the ground too …. shall be so pleased to see the end of January.

  3. Oh, my dear, I can picture that gorgeous sunset done in a water color… 😉

    Yesterday I saw some of my tulips and daffodils popping out of the ground. I don’t have any snowdrops since the rabbits ate them years ago.

  4. I think that the free rice banner may have been on their site, but the jamie oliver and the chicken one I had to make myself, ‘borrowing’ pictures from them (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind as I was supporting their campaigns in the process!) and then making my own buttons. I sort of had to make the code up myself (I copied the code from another badge I had on the sidebar and just subsituted the picture URL and the website info) and it was really a case of trial and error!

  5. Hello
    Those are really very beautiful photographs and I like very much.That sunset photograph is really very nice.Thank you very much for such nice post.

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