Dooce’s latest photo

I’ve just come from my blog reader, and I wanted to point you at this photo that Dooce posted recently of her dog. It made me giggle, and then brought memories back of our dog which we had whilst I was growing up. He was the sweetest dog, with a lovely temperament (he was a golden retriever). Sometimes, being only a child, I’d attempt to dress him up in a scarf and hat, or put his paws into slippers, or balance sunglasses on his face. He’d put up with it in a very patient way, but he’d have the most embarrassed look on his face that it’s possible for a dog to have! The look of ‘what have they done to me’ that is in Dooce’s dog’s eyes really brought that back! My dog would put up with the scarf/hat/sunglasses for a while, and then would dip his head, or lie down and knock it off as if to say “enough is enough”!

I’ve got some great memories of playing with our dog from when we had him when I was nine years old, and I sometimes feel quite sad that it’s unlikely that my children will experience that suring their childhoods.


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