Awake too early

I’m awake. It’s twelve minutes to six and I’m awake. This is very unlike me. What’s even more unlike me is that I’ve been awake for three hours already. GG and I seem to be sleeping in shifts tonight. He didn’t get to sleep until 4am, while I woke at 3am and haven’t managed to get back to sleep.

And it’s self perpetuating. Since having the kids, and knowing I can’t just go back to sleep later in the day, if I’m awake in the night I lie there, thinking about how difficult the day will be if I’m swept with exhaustion (as is generally the case after a sleep deprived night) in the early afternoon.

At least I’ve got nowhere to go this evening, so I can get an early night if I’m dropping with tiredness by eight o’clock. Plus, I can use the next hour and a half to make some progress on my cowl. Yesterday was taken up too much by thoughts of the allotment for me to concentrate on my knitting, so I’m behind if I want to finish it by the weekend. And, I’ve already read all the posts in my blog reader and posted today’s post here, so I won’t need to open my computer again this evening. Perhaps that will make for better relaxation.


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  1. oooh I hope you have a restful day today and night tonight!

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