Help for Haiti, a blogger’s appeal

I hadn’t planned to post about the need for financial aid in Haiti, as I figured that there was plenty being said and that surely everyone who can help, already will be. However, I rethought it when I read Susanna’s post today. She appeals for all bloggers to appeal to people’s better nature to make sure that all possible aid is given to the victims of this horrific disaster. Also, on reading on the BBC news website that the death toll could be as high as 200,000, I felt a stronger urge to say something.

There are so many ways you could give. There is the obvious way, directly to the big charities (in the UK the DEC, Red Cross, Oxfam, Christian Aid, etc etc). If you make and sell things (for example, via EtsyΒ or craft fairs) you could donate a percentage of your profits for a certain time to the appeal (you can also buy from sellers who are supproting the appeal – a simple search of ‘Haiti’ in Etsy will bring up a whole list of items). You could have a small cake sale in your office and send the resulting money. I think that people would be very happy to help this cause in any way they could afford. And I decided that if I could sway just one person towards giving, even just a couple of pounds (/dollars/euros etc) then it would be completely worth the blog post.

I (together with Granny Anne) will be visiting our local bank to make a donation tomorrow. All major banks and the post office will accept money toward the appeal.

So please, if you can spare even a small amount, please consider helping these people rebuild their communities and restart their lives by making a financial contribution.


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  1. Thanks for doing this Jennie!

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