A visit to the local park

Near to where we live is a very small park, often overlooked other than by those who live very near to it. It’s  generally very peaceful when I’ve been there in the spring and summertime, so I thought today would be a nice time to visit and see what it looks like in the snow. By walking through the park, you can access a path down to the river Rhymney, and the Rhymney River Trail.

I wasn’t disappointed, it was beautiful up there today. Here are some photos from our walk.

Snow encrusted gates of Rumney Hill Gardens

Even the footpath is almost undiscoverable!

Even in the midst of all the snow, the bulbs are peeking through, giving hope for Spring!

River Rhymney

The woods beneath Rumney Hill Gardens


4 Responses

  1. Lovely pictures but they look so, so cccold! Here’s hoping for thaw coming your way soon!

  2. I wasn’t that cold, especially after we’d been stomping through snow, up and down hills, for the better part of two hours! My feet hurt though! And it looks like it’s thawing now (my computer tells me it’s 2 degrees above freezing) although we’ve apparently been forecast more wintry weather on Monday. Fandabbydozy!

  3. Pretty, pretty. I thought about going to the Gardens too, but couldn’t face walking there at Olly speed.

  4. Oh so pretty.

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