More Christmas presents

So, another picturey post tonight. I’m not in much of a mood for words, so pictures will have to suffice.

I made a few crocheted animals (or amigurumi) as presents. This first one was for my Dad, and is called Joshie. If you look at my Dad’s blog, you’ll see that he owns a tortoise called Henry. Joshie was made to be a substitute for Henry whilst he’s in hibernation!

Next up is Lavender, the baby elephant. She was made for my mother, who is something of an Elephant lover. I also put dried lavender in her feet. Lavender is now living with my mother’s collection of elephants in her living room.

Finally is Tubby. Tubby is a bath frog, with a sponge in his tummy, so he’s also an exfoliating frog!

They were all great fun to make, and the recipients were suitably impressed!

I should probably add that Joshie and Tubby were both named by my younger son, leaving the originally named Lavender to me!


3 Responses

  1. These are fantastic! Great idea to put dried lavender in the baby elephants feet. Lovely present idea.

  2. Thank you! I made quite a lot of lavender sachets for presents as well, and I had some lavender left by the time I made the little elephant. I’m debating in my head about maybe doing a craft fair or two later in the year, and a few little lavender elephants might feature in them!

  3. They look fantastic. I very much envy your crochet ability. Might be something I need to learn once the girls are both in school full time. 🙂

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