Stupid hands

I’m really getting bored with whatever’s wrong with my hands now. Today, they were swollen to such an extent that I decided to remove my rings before they had to be cut off. I’ve got no way of knowing how long it will take for them to get better (if ever). It’s really frustrating.

My stupid hands.

I’m upset about having to take my rings off. I’ve worn my grandmother’s wedding ring on my right hand since my confirmation when I was 13/14 (you can see the groove made by the swelling in the photo) and I’ve not taken my engagement or wedding rings off for more than a few minutes at a time since I first had them in 2000 and 2002 respectively. I’m lucky that GG bought me my gorgeous eternity ring for my birthday last June, and that we bought it in a larger size as I already had this problem to a certain extent. At that time it was intended to be worn on my middle finger, but now I’m wearing it in place of my wedding ring.

I’ve been signed off work for over six weeks now already, because I can’t type or do any of the other admin work required for a sustained period. I can manage intermittent typing (which is how I manage to write my blog – with lots and LOTS of rests, every couple of sentences), but even that I have to limit.

I think that the frustrating thing is that I can start things and not necessarily finish them. I can start typing a nice chatty e-mail to a friend, then have to stop for a break. I can start making a cake, or preparing vegetables for a casserole, or peeling potatoes, and then have to stop and do something else after a couple of minutes. I can drive within Cardiff city limits, but any further and the aching starts spreading up my arms.

My sleep is affected because I’ve been told I should try and sleep with my arms straight. That’s really hard, unless you sleep on your back (which I can’t!), and I keep waking myself up, conscious that I’ve lapsed back into my foetal position! So I wake up tired every morning – I feel very sorry for my family!

So, I’ve no idea if it’s carpal tunnel syndrome, medial nerve damage, ulnar nerve damage or something else altogether. I just wish someone could work it out!

**Edited to add – yes, I do have wonky index fingers, before anyone notices and feels the need to question my (already questionable) photography!


4 Responses

  1. Oh poor you, I really feel for you, this has been going on for ages. If you ever need help with anything, give me a call. Or if you just want a cuppa and a chat feel free to call in.

    Are they still ok when you knit?

  2. Today they’re fairly rubbish – I only did a couple of rows and my wrists felt like something was being strained so I stopped. Gutted!

  3. Thanks 🙂

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