Christmas presents

After making myself miserable earlier, thinking about my stupid hands, I’ve decided to cheer myself up by ignoring them and starting to tell you about some of the Christmas presents I made last year.

First up, I’ll show you the presents I made for my friends in my Stitch and Bitch group;

I had real trouble deciding what to make these people. After all, by the very nature of the thing they are very crafty and able people themselves, so I had to take some time to convince myself that it wouldn’t be insulting to them if I were to make their presents.

Anyway, eventually I got the idea for their Christmas presents when I was at the Ally Pally show in October. When I bought one of the skeins of yarn, the stallholder gave me a simple cloth bag to keep the project in while I knitted the yarn up. I liked that idea, as I’d been keeping my works in progress (WIPs) in plastic or paper bags. So I decided to try to make a slightly more luxurious version of the simple cotton bag I’d been given in London. Dad came with me to the material shop (as we’d been shopping for yarn to make Mum’s present on the same day) and helped to pick out these two different chinese silk brocades.

These three bags were made for my friends Heidi, Machelle and Ellie, as were the stitch markers below. The bags are lined with cream cotton, and I hope will make a nice home for a shawl or a pair of socks in progress! The bags are all a little bigger than A4 size, as far as I remember!


The pretty rose stitch marker was one from Heidi’s set. The little green dogs reminded me a little bit of Buca, Machelle’s cute little dog (although he’s not green!!) and I thought that Ellie would appreciate the cute cute yellow ducklings! In order to get a better picture, I only photographed one from each set – I did give them more than one each! These were my first attempt at stitch markers, and I was reasonably happy with them, although the ones I received from Ellie were far more sophisticated and better made. I’ll try to photograph them at some point. I’ve already used them more than once!

This bag was made for Jaxom. I thought that maybe the more masculine colours would suit him better, although I spoilt it all by putting the little bow on the front inadvertently at the end! I forgot to photograph his stitch markers (I think they were little peppers) so you’ll have to imagine them for yourselves!


4 Responses

  1. I really like the stitch markers you made. I dabbled into making my own glass beads and I still have all my stuff, that is a great way to use cute glass beads. I may need to pull out my torch and glass rods again.

  2. Thank you – I enjoyed making them. I’d love to try making glass beads – we saw some examples of how to make dichroic glass when we were in Italy, and I thought that was something I’d love to do. I made paper beads last year which were quite interesting – I’ll have to make some more of them!

  3. Ha ha!!! mine more sophis!! lol I think not!! lol Both the “duckies” (as dubbed by baby niece – with a definate distinction being drawn between the Duck mum has and these duckies!!) and the bag (which is absolutely amazing) are now being used for/housing my posh shawl knittings!!! XXxx

  4. Yay! That was just what I had in mind!

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