We woke up this morning to our first proper snow for a good year. I think we probably had about 4 inches, which was plenty for a nice snowman! The boys had a day off as the school was shut so it was all hands on a snowy deck.

The scarf doesn’t quite meet round his neck, and the hat’s a bit small, but the general effect is there!

I hope you’re all enjoying your snow day, and that it’s not causing too much unwanted disruption!


3 Responses

  1. Superb snowman!!

    Also not sure if I ever thanked you for the chocolate? TMD fought over it like rabid dogs. It was so good…

  2. You’re more than welcome – and thank you for the compliment on Mr Snowy (I’ve just been told by Cheeky that that is, in fact, his name!). You’ve got all of this fun to come in a couple of years when your two are big enough to hurl snow at each other like mine did this morning!

  3. I’m glad the dogs don’t have thumbs and can’t make snow balls to hurl at us–as I’m sure they would if they could. 🙂 I never was one for snowball fights.

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