Completed projects, 2009

Taking a leaf out of Mandi‘s book from the beginning of 2009, I thought I’d like to share with you details of most of the projects I completed in 2009. I was busier than I thought I was!

Missing are a couple of presents waiting to be delivered to the recipients, and a couple of gifts which I forgot to photograph before wrapping – oops! I shall track down the people they now belong to and ask if I can photograph them. I find it makes a handy record for next Christmas, so I don’t double up on presents!

So here is my pictoral review of my crafting year;

brown and gold scarfCassia scarfshortbread roundsblanketpink hatCrochet squares 1Cheese sconesChocolate truffle cakeHeart sconespotholder heat paddishclothspotholdersChocolate truffle cake slice with raspberries

So, 42 (plus a few I’ve not posted pictures for yet -call it 50) projects completed in 2009. Can I beat this for 2010? There’s a challenge – an average of a project a week!

You will be hearing more about some of these projects through January as I do my run down of who had what for Christmas. I’ve missed being able to blog about what I’ve been up to, so you’ll be getting the brunt of the catch up next month, I’m afraid!

I’m sure I’ll say it tomorrow as well, but happy new year to all my readers, and may 2010 be happy, healthy and a nice balance of peaceful and exciting for you all!


4 Responses

  1. That is a fantastic amount of work! You have done amazingly well I’m in awe.

    I’ve got a list of 26 items I want to make this year and thought that was a lot but you sure have me beat.

    I most especially love the Dr Who, he is brilliant!

  2. To be fair, lots of the items were quite small and only took a few hours rather than a couple of weeks or more. I’m glad you like my tenth Doctor – we just watched his final episode last night so I’m imagining that he’s looking at me with sadness now!

  3. SPERM COUNT! LOL!! Great piece, and great pun.

  4. Thanks! The three ‘little swimmers’ were made for a friend in work (who apparently has given them pride of place in her home!) who thought that you could only make boring things with knitting and crochet! She laughed for such a long time when I gave her the first one! So the themed ones sort of just happened after that!

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