Cardiff was the place to be this Christmas

Our Christmas was nice this year. The kids were happy with their presents; the things I had made for people went down well, I got lots of lovely things myself including a beautiful Clogau Gold pendant from GG, and no-one got sickness viruses or started projectile vomiting at midnight on Christmas Eve (the story of Christmases past!). All in all, we’ve got a lot to be glad about.

Not least of which is that we stayed home this year. A few years back GG and I talked about how nice it would be to go away for Christmas one year, to somewhere really snowy. We have visions of a chalet in a ski resort somewhere (Norway or Austria being the more likely candidates); being out in the snow all day and then coming in to a plate of steaming hot goulash in the evening. And we said at the time that, so that the kids could enjoy it, we would be best off going once Cheeky was five as he’d then be big enough to have a good go at skiing and sledging. Cheeky was five in April, so this was to be the year. However, as we had a gorgeous holiday to Malta in May, and then I swanned off to Sorrento in September, the idea was pushed firmly onto a back burner. And I’m so glad about that.

Imagine the stress I would have put myself through if we had been flying British Airways to get to the resort, with all the talk in the weeks leading up to Christmas about strikes. I think I would have sprouted more than a few grey hairs whilst I was imagining the worst case scenario (as I have been known to do once or twice before). And if I’d got through that without chewing my fingernails right off, I can only imagine how I would have been once the snow and ice started to threaten the possibility of not even reaching the airport at all, let alone the possibility of flights not taking off on icy runways. And then, even if we had successfully made it into the air, I would have been very uneasy (spot the understatement) about the possibility of the plane skidding off the runway at our destination or on our return.

On the whole, I think that it was just as well we stayed home. And I may just have managed to scare myself off the idea of going away for Christmas at any time in the future!


4 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a nice, relaxing Christmas… Where is the Christmas Tree photo? I NEED to see a Christmas Tree Photo!

  2. Easy tiger! I’ll try to post one tomorrow! Bless!

  3. A wonderful relaxing Christmas is the best gift we can give ourselves. Staying home was definitely a good idea.

    Perhaps one year you could try a Christmas in summer and visit Australia? BBQ on the beach on Christmas day, followed by a game of cricket on the sand and a swim in the waves. Bliss.

  4. Warmth, at Christmastime? Fingers not stiff with cold?? Sign me up, I’m there!! It sounds like my idea of heaven right now! It’s 2 degrees outside at the moment, which isn’t as bad as it has been. And apparently there’s more cold to come, so I’m really focussing on the fact that spring just HAS to come sometime. I’m really looking forward to being too hot again!

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