Anticlimax and confusion

My children both went back to school yesterday. They are in year 4 and year 1 now, so even my baby is well into his school life, being as he is in his second full time year at school. And going back to school was something of an anticlimax. For which I am, actually, quite grateful. My children take everything in their stride. It has always been thus, and I expected no difference this term. Getting ready for school yesterday felt like we hadn’t had holiday. They slipped right back into the routine, were ready in plenty of time, walked to school as usual and then waved goodbye as they headed towards their new classrooms with no qualms, no looking backwards towards me or anything. And I’m glad because I’d hate it if they didn’t want to go to school, if they were stressed or worried about it. I’d be miserable all the time they were away from me, worrying about how they were getting on. But as things are, they both have a nice group of friends, like their teachers and enjoy their schooldays. So we’re back into the old routine straight away.

The confusion (maybe not the right word, but as near as I could get) arises due to the problems I’ve been having with my hands recently. I’ll be seeing my doctor on Tuesday about it, and hoping that she’ll have some answers. In the mean time, in case it is a repetitive strain type injury, and because it flares up when I’m typing at work (and sometimes at home) I’m severely cutting back on my internet time. This will be a real challenge to me, but I will prevail!

You would have thought that knitting and crochet would be the last thing I should do, but it appears to actually be beneficial to my hands. Yesterday, I had a very bad day in work as my hands were aching so badly, and I nearly didn’t go to my Stitch and Bitch meeting. However, I decided that I could always sit and chat rather than knit if my hands wouldn’t play ball, so I went along. At the end of the evening I realised that I had steadily knitted all evening and that my hands were much less painful than they had been. I think it must be because I don’t hold the needles tightly, and knitting only involves small and gentle movements. Maybe it’s almost like a form of physio? Knitters, what do you think? So, to conclude, I’ll still check e-mails most days, and read blogs, but I’ll not be doing as much typing until I’ve worked out what’s wrong. Before any of you suggest it, it’s not arthritis (thank goodness) as I had blood tests for that earlier in the year. Neither does it seem to be a carpal tunnel problem. Websites that I’ve looked at seem to suggest that the pain would be on the other side of my hands (my problems are mainly wrists and middle to little fingers, whereas carpal tunnel apparently affects more the thumbs and index finger side). So it’s a mystery!


5 Responses

  1. I’m wondering whether acupuncture would help this?

  2. I’m sorry about your hands. Hope the doctor can shed some light on the problem for you.

    I’ve had RSI from cross stitch and had to wear a brace for months and do no stitching, it was very sad.

  3. Would chocolate help? x

  4. @ Dancing – I’ve no idea – I don’t really know anything about acupuncture, but it may be worth looking in to.

    @ Marita – So far, knitting and crochet seem to actually loosen my hands up, so I’m hoping I won’t have to stop doing that. Christmas presents would be a problem if I had to, for sure! It’s typing, especially when I lean my hands against the table or keyboard as I type, and anything which involves vibration (like driving, with the vibration from the steering wheel), or impacts or pressure on my hands, like using my date stamper at work or chopping lots of vegetables. It’s a mystery!

    @ BmS – always!

  5. Hope things become clearer about your hands very soon. Knowledge is power… and may get answers about how to tackle it.

    I’ve got RA and continue to knit. If it’s not physio for my hands, then it’s certainly therapy for my head! Swopping between needle sizes and yarn weights also helps me (4 ply socks … then aran weight another night).

    Camping trip looks fun and hope the children have settled into the new school year.

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