Things to do

Today will be an organised day. I have lots to do and so Handsome and I made a list. School starts back for both Handsome and Cheeky tomorrow, so we have to prepare school bags, find lunchbags, do a last check of the uniforms etc etc.

I’m posting lots of parcels this week. I’ve sold a few more things on Ebay, and so I’ve got those parcels to send, and of course I also have the packages for my giveaway winners. All I need to work out now is how customs etc work, and what I need to fill in to send chocolate to the US. The websites for the post office and the US customs, or FDA or something, are as clear as mud on the matter. In one place it said that if the food is a gift you only need to fill in the standard customs form, but somewhere else said I need to make a prior notice something or other…well, it’s all a learning curve! By far the easiest thing to do would be to ask at the post office, but I’m nice and comfortable here in my house and that would take a lot of effort! Only joking, I’ll be off to the post office tomorrow, and they can sort it all out for me.

I’m also lining up quite a lot of crafting presents over the next 113 days (until Christmas, don’t you know!) and so I think I will need to give myself goals to aim towards in order to finish in plenty of time. So, I’m taking inspiration from Sarah’s post on her blog today, and I’m making a list of craft projects that I want to see finished by the end of the month.

  1. Mystery project which has been steadily driving me towards a straitjacket which needs to be finished TOO SOON
  2. Crocheted bag to take on holiday later this month
  3. 2 Christmas presents
  4. Christmas cake
  5. Mincemeat
  6. 5 Christmas cards

There. Not too onerous a list, and suitably non-specific when it comes to the Christmas presents as I’ve not got a definitive list yet to say who’s getting what. Also, making my Christmas cake and mincemeat in September is something I’ve always aimed towards, but generally fall short of by a couple of months. So feel free to nudge me towards the end of the month to make sure that I’m getting through it all!


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  1. thanks for visiting my space earlier!

    I found this in the us embassy in the uk site:

    “Can I send personal food products by post?

    The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, commonly known as the “Bioterrorism Act”, or BTA, was enacted on 12 December 2003, requiring that certain information be provided to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to the arrival of a food shipment.
    This applies to any manufactured food for either humans or animals but does not apply to homemade or manufactured foods being sent as a personal gift to individual persons in the USA but you should clearly indicate this on the Customs Form if this is the case. If you don’t your parcels or packets containing food may be returned to you or even destroyed. This act also doesn’t apply to personal importation of food products carried by Air Passengers.”

    I don’t think you need to worry. Just clearly mark the customs form as a gift. I swear it all looks more complicated on paper than it actually is.

  2. Thanks very much for this – I’d found something similar, but then there was a link to a very official looking US import page for further information which confused me with talking about prior notice and forms left right and centre! I think I’ll wrap it all up, take it to the post office and hope for the best! After all, the people in the post office really should be able to sort it out for me.

  3. Do you want me to ask my mum for you? Any postal questions, she is the font of all knowledge.

  4. Could be a good idea! I’m hoping to send everything off on Friday morning, after I’ve got my gorgeouses into school.

  5. Good luck with the start of school. My youngest starts reception today. I can’t decide if I’m sad or happy.

  6. Good luck with school starting! Such an exciting time of year!!

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