A blah day

Today has been a proper blah day. I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything. Went to work, went to Mother in Law’s to collect children, came home, read interwebby stuff for ages, have done no knitting or other crafty activity, feel quite disoriented actually!

I haven’t gone to Stitch and Bitch tonight (somewhat obvious statement, that one), and I’m quite sad about that. I always have such a fantastic time, but I’ve been tired all day and I have an early start tomorrow so I’m doing the Proper Grown Up And Sensible Thing, and I will be Getting An Early Night. I did think about just popping to the knitting group for a quick drink and a couple of rows of knitting, leaving by 9pm, but I know that whenever I am there, the first time I look at my watch is generally nearer 10pm than 9pm, so I definitely wouldn’t be having an early night as I wouldn’t want to leave. So I denied myself the pleasure and am staying home.

I’m at a point in the knitting project where I don’t want to be doing it again. Which is BAD. Time is running out like water out of a badly sealed drinks bottle in your best handbag, and I don’t want to have to postpone this to be given as a Christmas present. Plus (don’t ask me how I know) there are only 120 days until Christmas. This sounds a lot, but when you are planning on making most of your Christmas presents, it really isn’t!

Plus, I’ve been having some problems with my hands. One of my tasks at work involves using a date stamper a lot, and for some reason my hands are not enjoying this experience. I’ve only got to be stamping for a couple of minutes, and my hands start aching. They then don’t stop for the rest of the day. Which puts me off the thought of knitting, even though it does appear to help the ache to subside. I’ve no idea what is causing the pain. I’ve had random pain in my hands and arms for about a year now, and I’ve had negative test results for arthritis. I was put off further investigations when a doctor I saw a couple of months ago (a locum, thank goodness, not a regular at the surgery) told me that she had no idea what was causing the pain, and doesn’t have all the answers (her words, not mine!). Grrr. However, it’s definitely getting worse, especially as it doesn’t seem to be so random now, and is affecting my work, so I’m going to have to go back. I’ll make sure that I see a different doctor though. One who, even if she doesn’t have all the answers, is at least prepared to refer me to someone who might!


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