More Ebay magic/pain!

Last night I listed more stuff on Ebay. Eleven items, including eight bundles of boys clothes and it took me MORE THAN TWO HOURS! That’s right, it took longer than the birth of either one of my sons! And I had bad back and stomach pain from the stupid way I was sitting (on the edge of my bed, so I’d have space to spread the items out round me, while having the scales within reach by the bed to weigh each item for postage charge calculations). In a funny way, it was a little like childbirth, what with the pain, and the fact that if I’d remembered how long it took and how much I disliked doing it, I probably wouldn’t have put myself through it again! (DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT saying I’d give my second son back (or the first, for that matter) and of course labour was TOTALLY worth it to get my gorgeous children – listing on Ebay may not have been, unless the stupid stuff actually sells!)

Of course I want the items to sell, although I do have to face the fact that I’ll have to package it all up if it sells. I’d better get good prices for it all, is all I can say, to make it worth the effort! I have the greatest admiration for those who run Ebay businesses from home – you’re all obviously far more organised than me!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jennie! Just a quick comment to inform you that there’s an award waiting for you on my blog!

  2. Remember, if you need any boxes, give me a shout!!

  3. Thank you very much Michela – so kind! I’ll go and have a look presently!

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