B&Q really are branching out!

Jo, have you seen this? B&Q are planning to start stocking pigsties (it sounds more like they’ll be pig arks like Jo’s actually) because of the number of people expressing an interest in growing their own dinners now. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be any good? Apparently they’ve been selling chicken coops for some time. Does anyone here know anyone who has bought one? If so, would they recommend it?


One Response

  1. Yes, I did hear about that! Some of the forums (fora?) I visit have been talking about it. Opinion is divided:

    (1) This will encourage people who know little or nothing about pigs to keep them in their backgarden…

    (2) Dubious about the quality but since you need to be registered with the council before you can keep pigs, it’s unlikely that city-garden pig keeping will take off…

    (3) Agree with (2) but B&Q’s plans will impact on the small businesses who already sell pig arks.

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