Car boot sale

Today, I went with my friend Maria to Caerleon car boot sale to get rid of some excess stuff. I had a very full car on the way there; so much so that I couldn’t see anything but bags and toys in my rearview mirror. However, on the way back almost everything fitted into the boot with the parcel shelf down, so great success! And a tidy profit was made, which is always a bonus.

boot sale

My friend Maria, posing for the camera yet again – this is getting to be a regular Sunday thing now, isn’t it! It’s been lovely seeing her more often recently though. Often the two of us are so busy with everything else that a month goes by without us seeing each other, even though we only live a couple of miles apart.

We had the shock of our lives when we arrived. We were a little later than we’d intended, and literally before I’d undone my seatbelt I had people asking me how much some things were that they could see through our windows! I was shaking with nerves (I don’t handle unexpected situations very well!) as people were following me round to the boot to watch me open it, and then all but rummaging around before I had a chance to load up my table! One lady even helped me to shake out the sheet I had to cover the table as she was in so much of a rush to see what I had brought!! However, as I had had doubts that any of my things would sell, I was quite pleased to have such clamour and make some sales within (literally) seconds of getting out of the car!

I’ve got a better idea of what might sell at a boot sale now, so I’ll be re-evaluating my stuff to see if I have any more excess that I could shift in this way. But I’m still stuck for a way to get rid of video tapes. I think I’ll offer all my FRIENDS box sets to the Sue Ryder charity shop for a start, at least they might know how to recycle them if they don’t want them.


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  1. Have been subscribed to your blog for a week or so, and just added you on twitter – I’m Wazzat on there Like to let people know who exactly is “following” (dislike that term, lol) them πŸ™‚

  2. It does sound a little bit stalkerish, doesn’t it! Thanks for letting me know – I don’t post on Twitter as often as I post here, in the main, but I’m nosey at heart so I keep it going so I can stalk follow everyone else! I’m off to look at your blog now. Thank you for subscribing too!

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