High School Musical and wine mix REALLY well!

So, last night, my best friend Maria came over for a visit. I recently introduced her to ‘Hairspray’, and she absolutely loved it. Cut a long story short, so did her mother, who Googled the main characters, discovered ‘High School Musical’ and Maria promptly went out and bought it, quickly followed by HSM 2 and 3.

I had already seen HSM1, as the kids had watched it at school and so I’d bought it to keep them happy (but then got caught up by the catchy songs!) but had never seen 2 or 3, so Maria suggested an evening in with teen movies and wine! A fabulous combination!

She has to have a gluten free diet, and I do try not to cook the same meal every time she visits. I used to make Gluten Free lasagne for her, but got bored of that so started trying to make other meals safe for her to eat as well. And so far (touch wood), nothing I’ve tried to convert to gluten free has gone drastically wrong. Last night, I made chicken in a red and orange pepper sauce, using Knorr stock cubes (which are GF, unlike OXO) and cornflour rather than the usual plain wheat flour to thicken the sauce. I also made some gluten free gingerbread and gluten free coconut cakes to snack on whilst we watched the movies.

Well, we watched ‘High School Musical 2’, followed immediately by 3, then went back to HSM1 and watched most of that as we had (rather tipsily, by this point) decided that the songs were catchiest in the first film of the series, and the dances were most compelling (it should be pointed out that it was around about midnight when we were making these decisions, and two bottles of very nice wine had gone the good way by this point). We spent a fair while trying to persuade GG that he really wanted to dress up as ‘Troy’ (Zac Efron) for Maria’s forthcoming fancy dress party, and also attempted to demostrate to him how to do the ‘Wildcats’ dance from the end of the first movie. He’d been on Sprite all evening though, as he was driving Maria home so he was having none of it. Party pooper!

Anyway, the point I’ve been gearing up to for the last couple of hundred words is that I have a couple of questions about high school in the USA which I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out by answering (actually, they’re Maria’s questions as she has a keen and probing mind and thinks about these things a lot more than I do, but you know what women can be like). So, here they are;

  1. Does every high school in America have a large and shiny gymnasium/basketball court with grandstand seating around it and electronic score boards? We had a small and rather battered looking gym which was adapted for whichever sport was currently being played, and spectators had to shimmy up the gym bars if they wanted to stay in the gym to spectate.
  2. In American high schools, is the school band always ready, in costume and warmed up ready for impromptu performances at the slightest provocation?
  3. Is it common practice in US high schools for kids to wait by the doors at the end of term, then all burst out in one fell swoop?
  4. What time do kids get home from school at night if they’ve all got science club, basketball practice, theatre rehearsals etc, and when do they do their homework?
  5. Do school cheerleaders really wear their cheerleading outfits to school every day? Is there actually an unofficial ‘uniform’ in that you dress according to the group that you fit in with?

Forgive me if the questions sound asinine. Maybe the second question (and the third, I suppose) is there for effect, but I really do want the answers! Also, are houses really that big in America? Big enough so that someone who considers themselves not really that well off could actually comfortably house half the cast of ‘High School Musical’ without falling over them at breakfast time? OK, that really was the last question, I promise!


3 Responses

  1. I want to answer all your questions but have no time!! I’m full of good intentions, though.

  2. Hmmm……let’s see…..

    1. Every high school I visited, and the one I went to, did look like that.
    2. When certain things happen such as a score, a great dunk, etc., they are often ready with certain tunes to play. However not to the extent that it is in the movie.
    3. I don’t remember that happening so much in high school, but we definitely tried to do that in the lower grades.
    4. Most of the kids are home by 4pm here after clubs. Band, theater, and chorus are often between 6-8pm.
    5. At my high school the cheerleaders did wear their uniforms all day at school if there was a game later that day.
    6. NO! Most houses are not that big. Ours is 3300 sq. ft., but we live out in the country and got the house at a great price.

    Okay…..your turn…we watched “Hot Fuzz” for the umpteenth time last night. What is a constable? Are they comparable to a sheriff?


  3. Existere, you have special exemption due to bringing new life into the world! Many congratulations again!

    Lisa, thank you sooo much for explaining all of that. We don’t really go by the size of houses in square feet in this country that much, but I worked out the size of my two bedroom flat, and I think it’s about 900sq.ft. It’s quite unusual for a family of four to live in something quite this small though – just as well we get on!

    In answer to your question (I had to Google it, I’m ashamed to say), I found this site – http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Police-Constable – which tells me that a police constable in the UK is the equivelant of a deputy sheriff or a patrol officer in the US. I guess a constable is an entry level policeman, if that makes sense!

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