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I not only listen, I also hear!

I’ve taken on board the comments about my less-than-perfect new header image, and have altered it accordingly. I’ve changed the text colour to a white tinged with blue, which I hope reflects the colour of the sky. In my fevered imagination, it looks like someone has either cut out the name of my blog through the Southerndown cliffs, or has installed large letter mirrors which are reflecting the colour of the sky. My imagination is far too active!

Update on the knitting; I’m still not altogether sure I’m going to survive to the end of the project, but I did manage to get a sizeable chunk of it done last night so I’m feeling a little more cheerful about it. I have about 82 rows left of this part of it, and I intend to knit twelve of them when I have my lunchbreak with the kids. Then I’m aiming to get a further twenty rows done over the weekend. I know none of this is of interest to any of you, especially when I can’t even tell you what it is I’m making, but trust me, it’s really helping to be able to tell you the little I can!

Stitch and Bitch was brilliant last night. Two of us seemed to be in the silly seats as we couldn’t stop giggling all evening. We even got told off by the man running the quiz in the cinema cafe where we had met up! We meet in Cineworld in Cardiff once a month, and they have a terrifically hard quiz about movie trivia, asking the most random questions. I really think that you would have had to watch and memorise all the credits from all the films, as well as having to have read all the gossip columns about all the celebs, before you stood a chance at the questions! However, that made us giggle even more, and earned us more glares from the quizmaster! I really enjoy my Thursday evening knitting meetings though, and am so glad that I got up the courage to go to that first one. None of my friends are into crafting with yarn, and I think most of them think I’m way older than my years for enjoying it so much, so it was lovely to go and join in with a group (lots of whom are around my age) who understand the enjoyment I get completely.


3 Responses

  1. I get it … I’m just no good at it! It always amazes me that you take up some sharp pointy sticks and a ball of wool and transform it into something completely different that doesn’t only look good, but also has a function. Me….. well, I’d stab myself within the first five minutes!

  2. Perfect header 10 out of 10

  3. Why, thank you so much! Have another entry to my giveaway, on me!

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