New header

Yesterday evening, I changed my header picture again. I’m not happy with it, but then the one of Valetta that I had before looked slightly wonky to me. Besides, that was so last May, darling, and the world has moved on! I need to keep up with the times (whatever!). So, I’ve put up a picture I took yesterday at Southerndown. Or at least, I’ve put up a sliver of it. I always mean to take pictures specifically with this in mind; pictures with interesting centres, and discardable edges, and I never remember. Then I get bored with my header picture and make do. Boo.

If I were still in school, my blog presentation card would definitely read “Must do better. Makes minimal effort”. Hmm. I really should look into some alternatives, taking a leaf from Jo‘s book and planning to buy a URL wouldn’t be a bad start. Hmm.


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s pretty good, except that the words saying “Jennieworld today” could be white or something to make them more visible. =)

  2. I agree with spamwarrior. I’ll give you an 8 out of 10 for that 🙂

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