Today, we had a rare day of nowhere-to-go and nothing-pressing-to-do, and as GG had taken a day off work, we decided to have a little outing. We wanted to go somewhere that we hadn’t been before, but that was cheap and fun for the kids. A beach seemed an obvious solution, and so I settled on Southerndown. It also needed to be somewhere quite close to home, as I’d been relaxing all morning and didn’t get round to deciding where to go until nearly midday! 

Southerndown’s not too far from Cardiff. If you go past Barry, Cardiff Airport and Llantwit Major, you’re there in next to no time. It’s a lovely big sandy beach, and on a hot, sunny day I’d imagine it would be gorgeous. It was still very nice today, but as the day started off grey, the sand was still damp when we arrived. However, in jeans, t-shirts and trainers we weren’t dressed for sandcastles and paddling, so all was well!

Any ‘Doctor Who’ fans out there? If so, you might, as my elder son did, recognise this beach;

36. southerndown

Do you get it? Any idea? Imagine it deserted, wintry, TARDIS in the middle distance, Rose looking upset. Any clue yet? Handsome got it straight away – Bad Wolf Bay! I have to confess it was my main reason for visiting. I knew my kids would be thrilled to see this location. I think the moors above the cliffs have been used for a couple of things, including the opening of ‘New Earth’ and the stand off between the Master and the Doctor. But don’t quote me, I could have completely the wrong place!

We had a lovely picnic, the boys played ball and drew in the sand, had a walk to the cliffs with GG and then the tide started to come in really quite quickly. So we decided that it would be a good idea to go home.


You see? It really had raced in. Now I know why they issue so many warnings about being caught on cliffs when the tide comes in. Anyway, we ambled back to the car, but as we reached the top of the hill, we were caught in swarms of flying ants! Eurghhh! We had to race, mouths shut, eyes shut, into the car as fast as we could, swatting the irritating insects who had followed us into the car. What makes swarms of flying ants appear all of a sudden, anyway?

We had a lovely time, and Cheeky has decided that we’ll be going back next July! Not sure why he picked on that date so far in the future, but I’m glad to know he enjoyed his day!


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  1. Flying ants? A few months ago they were crazy in our area. That’s so awesome that you got to see a place where somewhere was filmed! I’d like to go visit where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Yup.

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