Cardiff in bloom

For a city, Cardiff isn’t such a bad place to be in the summer! I was especially appreciating the plants and flowers around the city centre today, arranged by Cardiff County Council. I took a few pictures to show you.

cardiff tree

This first picture is of a hanging basket ‘tree’, of which there are several up and down St Mary’s Street in the middle of town. St Mary’s Street itself is a bit of a shambles at the moment due to reorganisation of the road and traffic management, but these baskets provide a lovely distraction from the disruption. And how could you ignore them!

planters in churchill way

On Churchill Way are to be found these glorious planters. The scarlet provides such a dramatic contrast to the grey of the pavement.

hanging baskets in churchill way

Even the hanging baskets outside the Capitol Shopping Centre are a welcome splash of colour.

newport road planters

I took this photo whilst waiting at traffic lights on Newport Road on my way into town last month. Again, planters all the way up the centre of this busy road provide a lovely burst of colour to break up the monotony of the tarmac and paving slabs. Also, they are planted this year in purple and yellow, my old school house colours. Go Portland!

planter on newport road

Here’s one of the planters a little closer up. I apologise that there’s not a lot of yellow in this one, and maybe I could have found a better example, but you’ll have to put up with what I was stopped next to! And the Cardiff Bus in the background proves that it was indeed taken here!

As well as all of these blooms, a good proportion of the gardens in Cardiff are beautifully tended and riotous with colour, but I didn’t think I’d better start photographing random gardens without permission, so you’ll have to take my word for it. At the weekend I hope to go to Bute Park. If I get there, I’ll be sure to photograph some more summer colour to share with you.


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  1. How I wish I were there! I must travel the world someday!

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