I won! Yay me!

The lovely Annat2 recently ran a giveaway on her blog, and I won! Yay! And this morning, what should appear but a mystery parcel (I’d forgotten that I should be expecting something to arrive!). What a lovely surprise then, for a Monday morning, to open the envelope and find this;

prize yarn

The picture really doesn’t do credit to the beautiful range of colours in the front skein of yarn, although it does appear to do proper justice to the (un)cleanliness of my laptop screen. I must get a cloth and clean that off! Anyway, how lucky am I! I’ll be queuing this in my Ravelry projects section, and hopefully once my next 3 projects are done, I’ll be able to make these ready for the colder days later in the year. Yummy!


4 Responses

  1. That looks like it will keep you busy for a while!

  2. I’ve never done this sort of colourwork in knitting, so I expect it will!

  3. So if I’m AnnaT on Rav – who are you? I MUST have your Rav name…

  4. Congrats, Jennie!

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