Ebay and bootsales

I’m selling a few things on Ebay at the moment, in order to make a bit more room in the house for the four of us, and in an attempt to fit all of our possessions fit under one roof.

No family of four needs the amount of stuff we own right now!

It’s quite nervewracking though; the auction for my first items ends in less than an hour, and I’m finding myself hitting the ‘refresh’ button continuously in order to see whether any new bids have appeared. It’s compelling!

In other news, my friends Maria, Angela and I went to Caerleon today in order to check out their fortnightly car boot sale. After the disappointment I experienced at Splott Market on Thursday, I had very low expectations, but I was wrong. It was a proper, old fashioned, car boot sale where people were genuinely trying to get rid of excess stuff, rather than the sort of car boot sale where small traders go in an attempt to get cheap retail premises and low overheads! So, in conclusion, I intend to take a boot full down to Caerleon in a fortnight and see whether my junk really is someone else’s treasure!

That’s a long enough post for today. I’ve not pressed the ‘refresh’ button on my Ebay homepage for at least five minutes – I could have missed something vital!

Edited to add: I’ve been and pressed refresh now, and need to get a grip so I’ve come back to add this photo I took today;

blue sky

I wanted a pictorial record of the colour of the sky so that I can look back on this in a month and, if we’ve had a miserable drizzly month, remember my sunny Sunday! I’d almost forgotten how vibrant a blue the sky can be!


One Response

  1. I have somethings to ebay and must get around to doing it soon …. still another wedding to go to this Friday so perhaps after then!

    Thanks for reminding me about it.

    Thanks too for that lovely blue sky photo … here in Wiltshire today it’s decidedly grey.

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