Free photobook!

Each week, I get an e-mail from full of offers, discounts, savings tips and freebies. And one of those freebies listed today was for a free small photobook (26 pages, I think), worth £6 from Jessops. I downloaded the free software that is recommended to compile and edit the book, and submitted my order. Unfortunately, the original offer code had expired, but there was another listed on MoneySavingExpert which I entered with success. And, as an added bonus, as we have a Jessops store in Cardiff, I can have my photobook delivered there free of charge, rather than pay more than £3 for home delivery.

Now that mine is safely on its way to me, I’ll share the code with you so that you too (if you’re in Britain, not sure about overseas customers) can get a free booklet. It was shared on another public website, so I’m sure it’s a general offer, available to all. The code is FREESMBOOK, and you enter it after you’ve compiled your book, during the checkout process. To checkout, you need to register with Jessops. I did this, and had another pleasant surprise. Within a matter of seconds, an e-mail positively raced into my inbox with a further code for twenty free 6″x4″ prints! I’m not going to share that one with you; you can go and register yourselves and get your own :-p!

I’ve also heard that people have managed to get the £6 price of the small book discounted off bigger books, if you’d rather a larger item.

This is great for me, as I am one of the many people out there who has a camera surgically attached to my hand and yet rarely gets photographs printed out. And for the sake of half an hour’s (pleasurable) work putting together a list of photos I wanted to include, then arranging them to my liking, I have a book on order. Updates will follow, once I’ve collected it from the branch.

Oh, one more thing: Something I liked about the ordering process was that once I had picked the photos I wanted to include, the Jessops editing software organised them into order according to the date and time at which they were taken. I thought that was a great idea, as I imagine that most people would want their photos in chronological order for something like this. My photo selection was from a holiday, and so this helped me to organise my layout much more quickly.


5 Responses

  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing that code, Jen. Any idea when it expires? x

  2. I think it’s the end of September. Don’t quote me though! That’s just what I read on MoneySavingExpert.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. The book sounds great!

  4. Oooh how timely …. went to a wedding on Friday and there’s another this Friday …

  5. @Dancing on a Blade of Grass – well, if you and Mr Dancing were both to order one…bargain!

    I’m glad that this little find might prove useful to so many of you. I shall keep you posted on the results. I might even go to the effort of photographing the photobook in order to illustrate my review!

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