A day off

The last few weeks since school ended seem to have been stupidly busy. I was looking forward to the holidays exactly because I expected to be doing very little. No school runs, no ferrying children to and from friends’ houses so often, etc etc. Instead, other things seem to be taking over. And I honestly couldn’t tell you what. I’ve been to work a couple of times a week, visited family and friends, and beyond that I honestly couldn’t tell you what has been making me so busy.

But today. Aaah, today, is a rare day of quiet. Other than the potential for a gentle walk this afternoon, I’ve nowhere to be and nothing out of the ordinary to do. So far, I’ve spent most of the morning sitting on my bed (please distinguish between ‘on’ and ‘in’ the bed) relaxing, catching up with myself and generally recharging my batteries. I plan an easy lunch, an easy dinner and a relaxed evening. And hopefully, this quiet home day will see me revitalised and raring to get going next week.

A friend has been having some hassle from a man recently, and upon telling my younger son that someone had been upsetting his Auntie he proceeded to describe in detail how he would beat the wrongdoer into the ground, and then kick him once he was on the floor. Bless him, I really don’t know whether to be proud that he is willing to stand up for the people he cares about, or worried at the violent tendencies! Maybe, once his protective instincts have been honed a little, then I can be properly proud of him! Meanwhile, my older son has been delivering cups of tea to me once an hour since I woke up. What it is to be treated like royalty! I have fabulous children!


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