Quick question – what is Kool-Aid?

I know that a significant proportion of my readers are from the USA, and so someone should be able to inform me of the answer to my question fairly quickly.

I’ve seen that people use it to dye yarn.

I’ve seen references to people who have been acting strangely being asked if they’ve drunk the Kool Aid.

I could Google it, but I was genuinely interested to see whether, out of the kindness of your hearts, someone would put me out of my misery! (Remember the mystery giveaway for all early August commenters!)


6 Responses

  1. It’s a powder that you add to water to make a “fruity” drink. I tried it when I was in America and I wasn’t at all impressed. Try it yourself here!

  2. It’s a fruit punch drink. It’s available as an actual drink in a bottle or as a powder like the above commenter mentioned. It’s very sweet and slightly sticky.

  3. It’s an artificial fruit-flavoured drink. You can get the kind that you just add water to, or, better for dyeing, the kind in little envelopes that you add sugar and water to. I wouldn’t recommend it as a drink (I haven’t tried it as a dye).

    “Drunk the Kool Aid” refers, if I’m remembering this correctly, to the Jonestown Massacre.

  4. I got a friend in the US to send me a selection, but before i got to try and dye, my son drank it all!

  5. Thank you all for your replies – at least I know now, and it was much nicer hearing from all of you than Googling it! It doesn’t seem that it’s very popular with you though (other than your son, George!), so I think I’ll skip the suggestion to try it. At least I understand now how it can be a drink AND a dye.

  6. Oh, and I’m going to go and Google the Jonestown Massacre now – I’ll not put you all through any more questions!

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