A good day!

I forgot to tell you about my work ‘team building’ day out, or as my friend Maria puts it, “Group Hug Day”. Mine was on Tuesday, and fell some way short of the regular stereotypical team building day one generally hears about where colleagues struggle up hills together, or solve daft problems in a conference suite. Ours was a day at our local Bingo hall!

We had a budget of £20 per head, which meant that even after buying our bingo books, lunch and two drinks each, we had still fallen woefully short of spending all the money. So, we had a couple more drinks but, having reached the end of the afternoon session, we still had money left. So, six of us decided that we should return in the evening to try to increase the winnings (which had to be divided between twelve of us, just to make it fair!).

I was so so tired after a second session of bingo, and I’m sure that I ‘dabbed’ many numbers that hadn’t been called. However, at the evening session we managed to win a further £1 each, taking our total winnings up to a princely £5 each! I spent my winnings on lunch whilst at work yesterday, and still have a little left – no point in being too extravagant! Anyway, today, I had a phone call from my Senior at work, telling me that I’ve won £200 in shopping vouchers of my choice! I was out at Splott market when I got the call, and after jumping up and down shouting “I won, I won!” (as per instructions from my colleagues at the other end of the phone) I decided that maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this weekend. Maybe Lady Luck is giving me a nudge!

One strange thing though; not one person took the slightest bit of notice of me jumping and shouting. Isn’t that strange? If I had been passing by, I think I might have at least turned and looked at the mad woman cavorting and shrieking!

Splott market was…interesting. Mum and I had gone to size up the car boot possibilities, from a selling point of view, and decided that it wouldn’t be worth it. There were lots of trade stalls there, selling all the cheap household goods, cheap kids stuff, cheap sweets and biscuits – you get the idea. The people who had just gone there with stuff to sell from their houses didn’t really get a look in. However, I bought a treble recorder (something I’ve wanted for a few years now) for only £5, and a gorgeous pristine Royal Albert crystal bowl for £6. I’ve got Royal Doulton crystal water glasses, a jug and a vase which were wedding presents which are almost an exact match with this bowl, so when I have a proper dining room, it will be very elegant!

There’s another car boot sale in a different place which I plan to visit on Sunday for a recce, and I’ve got some stuff listed on Ebay at the moment, so I’ve not given up hope of finding a happy home for some of our excess stuff! It’s all the videos that are bugging me. I’ve got an aversion to putting stuff in the skips in the tip unless it is actually beyond redemption, but as VHS tapes are pretty much obsolete now, no-one will really want them. I’ve tried thinking of crafting ideas, but the tape is fairly hard to work with so I’ve given up on that for now. Any ideas?

Actually, I have a cute story to tell about when I was preparing my stuff for listing on Ebay. I took all the Happyland toys outside to photograph, unceremoniously dumped the cabinet door I was using as a base on the floor and plopped the tray of toys next to it. Next thing I knew, this little chap had hopped up to appraise the goods!

baby frog

Bless him! He didn’t stay very long; only long enough for a glance at the toys to establish that they weren’t to his taste and then he hopped off into the grass. But just look at the clover leaves beside the tray. That shows just how tiny he was! Sooo cute! And he came about an inch from being squashed by my cupboard door – God looks after fools, small children and baby frogs, so it seems!


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  1. I gave all our videos away on Freecycle, real mixture of stuff too everything from children’s through to horror. Worth a try before you have to chuck them

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