A bright and beautiful day!

So, today was a lovely sunny day. But then, I knew it would be. My younger son, Cheeky, told me earlier that he had “said a pray to God” for sunshine today. And it worked!

Cheeky seems to have a special affinity with the Almighty, in a similar way to ‘Tevye’ from “Fiddler on the Roof” (yes, I know he was Jewish). He chats to Him now and again, and always tells me if he’s been having a ‘pray’, and whether his request is answered. I (Church of England) think that it’s lovely that he has this belief, and somewhere to go with his secret heart’s desires. GG (Heathen) I think finds it annoying and would tell him to cut it out if I didn’t like it so much!

He’s a very demonstrative and vocal child, expressing his thoughts and moods (which can turn on a sixpence!) through his words and actions. But then, with his demonstrative nature comes a very loving little boy, always willing to help me out, give me a hug or generally treat me like a princess.

I’m a very lucky mummy!


2 Responses

  1. Well thank Cheeky for us, tell him to keep praying, we could do with bit more sunshine

  2. That you are ^_^

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