Down–to–earth swap

I’ve just realised that I haven’t yet posted pictures of the completed items that I made for the Down–To–Earth swap back in the spring. I sent them off in May, and I know that the package was received, but unfortunately I’ve yet to receive the return package from my swap buddy. I’ve not heard from her for a while, although I know that she had a lot of problems with illness in the family, so I’m hoping that the parcel has just been overlooked, and is sitting in a corner somewhere, waiting to go!

Anyway, I had planned to wait until I received my package to post pictures, but a couple of months have passed now, so I’ll show you what I sent over to America.

swap items

So, on the right, two dishcloths made from handicraft cotton, crocheted in a honeycomb stitch. They’re good solid cloths and can be bleached, washed in the machine and generally used for pretty much any cleaning task where cloths are useful. On the left (and sort of underneath the other things) is a hand towel for the kitchen, knitted in a basket rib from a white cotton yarn which had sort of slight bobbly bits every now and then – I’m sure that, scientifically speaking, it will aid absorbency! Anyway, I edged the towel with the green and red cotton border, after my swap partner told me that her kitchen is mostly decorated in greens. The coloured cotton came from Bulldog Crafts, who have a website and also visit lots of markets in South Wales. It was lovely to work with and, I was assured by the lady on the stall, is both washable and tumble-driable, so very practical! Finally, I used a tea-towel which I bought in Italy and had stayed in the packet for the last nine years to make a pot holder. I doubled over the oven glove and filled each end with wadding (for insulation against the heat) and then quilted it using my mother in law’s Singer sewing machine. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, and at least I’m certain that my swap partner won’t be able to buy anything quite like it!

close up on items for swap

This is a close up, just to show you the stitches I used. I really like the effect of the honeycomb crochet stitch, and think I may try that to make a couple of baby garments. Crochet can quite often look clumpy, but I think that this might be better.

I’m still hoping that my swap partner hasn’t forgotten me, as it was my first swap and it would be disappointing, after the amount of work that I put in, not to receive anything back from her. Also, going back to the spring, I won three or four giveaways on blogs, and am yet to see any of the prizes! Maybe there’s a jinx on my house, placed by the Post Office, and I’m destined never to receive parcels!


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