In the name of all that is good and pure in your lives…

…please, please, please ignore my last post! I don’t know what I was thinking! Who on earth writes about taps, and expects anyone in their right mind to read it, for goodness sake??

Those of you who try to maintain blogs will understand me when I say, I am going through a low patch when it comes to my writing. Call it mojo, inspiration, muse, imagination, lucid thought; whatever it is, mine is missing and has been for some time.

I’m not flattering myself. Mine was never the work of a modern day Pepys (he seemed to be something of a dirty old man for a start, but moving on…), but at least I used to write the occasional mildly interesting thing. But recently, nothing. Even my camera has hardly seen the light of day, poor thing.

I blame the weather. And cabin fever. There aren’t a lot of positive things to write when one has been stuck inside with two small children for the better part of two weeks. You can tell that by my positive rush to write about blackberry picking last night. Bless me.

I’m sure that things are happening around me which I could write about, but my little Jennieworld bubble in which I float from day to day seems to be blocking anything from staying in my mind for long enough to develop itself into a coherent article. So, for now at least, you’re stuck with taps, blackberries, episodes of harpy-like screaming at two small boys (not me, honestly, Mrs Social Worker) and accounts of rain, rain and more rain.

I’m so sorry. At least I have now become aware that my inspiration has done a runner, and so I can now start to search for it. Hopefully, once I’ve found it and beat it into submission, the blog will pick up again. I’m leaving the tap post to remind myself that I should attempt never to sink so low again (sink, geddit??). As the BBC went through it’s ‘Eldorado’ phase and came safely out of the other side, so I hope to return to blogging something worth reading, so bear with me.

I thank you for your patience!


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