For your viewing pleasure, and musical entertainment and edification, I present Stringfever playing Ravel’s ‘Bolero’, on a cello…four guys, one cello!

I first met these guys when Neal (the one actually holding the cello!) was only about 4. It wasn’t long before my parents and I found out just how tremendously talented a family this was. I vividly remember, when I was in my early to mid teens, visiting the Broadbents in their home and being treated to an impromptu concert in their living room – it was the most fantastic performance I’d ever experienced at that young age, and it certainly gave me a lot of respect for the amount of work as well as talent that went into producing such wonderful music.

Unfortunately, I’ve not seen them in more than ten years (since before I left home, in fact) but I always keep an eye and an ear open for news of their travels and performances. I am still holding out hope that they will come and perform somewhere near to Cardiff soon, so that I can get to an ‘official’ performance! I’d really like to take at least my older son to see them as he has just started to learn the violin, and I think it would really inspire him and give him something to emulate.

So, as I’m sure you enjoyed their interpretation of ‘Bolero’, I’d also like to share ‘A History of Music’. There are lots of parts of this which I enjoy, but I especially like it when they reach the mid to late twentieth century. Hope you love it as much as I do!


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