Cheeky’s money making scheme

Nobody could accuse my younger son of being unenterprising. Recently, he took it into his head that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear costume. I (very reasonably, I thought) told him that he’d have to save up for it if he wanted it so badly. So we went to the Disney shop, only to discover that it’s going to cost £28! How ridiculous, for a child’s dressing up set. However, never daunted, Cheeky put his thinking cap on, and within a very short space of time, announced how he plans to earn the necessary moolah to buy the costume of his dreams.

Fleece his relatives. Swindle money out of them with his big brown puppy dog eyes, which when used to full effect, very few people can resist.

So, maybe I’m being  little cruel. His idea is that he’s going to create original pieces of artwork using a variety of materials and methods, then offer them for sale to the most likely and responsive customers.

Or, to put it a little more simply, he’s doing some drawings, some with felt pens and others with pencils and crayons, and then assuming that all of his grown up friends and family will be more than willing to part with £2 to own one. Not that I can talk. I was his first paying customer, shelling out my 1/14th share in a Buzz costume for a painting (upmarket, see!), done in school, of a church. GG quickly became his second client, bagging a very detailed drawing of the next (apparently) stage in the Star Wars epic. He was lucky. Cheeky spent a couple of days on that one. My mother in law is due to be offered this weekend a picture of three flowers which took Cheeky approximately a minute and a half to complete, whilst sitting under my chair at Handsome’s school concert. But being a doting grandmother, I expect she’ll be more than happy to shell out!

So, be warned. If you are known to Cheeky and an adult (which in his eyes means financially solvent, although we all know that ain’t always the case!), expect to be presented with a ‘masterpiece’ with an accompanying demand for remuneration at your earliest convenience. The sales pitch isn’t his strong point – as he sees it, why wouldn’t anyone want to buy his pictures?!

So, £4 down, £24 to go. Twelve willing volunteers, please step forward. Anyone? I should point out that he signs each and every drawing! It could be a moneymaker for the future, especially if he attains his career goal of becoming an astronaut or a knight!


4 Responses

  1. Are clients able to choose a subject for young Cheeky? If yes, then I would like to his artistic representation of the Millennium Centre or Cardiff Castle.
    I hope he gets his Buzz Lightyear costume by raising his own money.

  2. that’s so cute.

  3. Uh oh. Luckily B’s away for a couple of weeks or she’d cough up the lot. I might be good for a couple of quid, depends how good his pitch is. The kid’s gotta work for it 🙂

  4. If I could work out how to get 2 pounds to you I would happily volunteer to purchase a Cheeky original. 🙂

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