Twenty-ten today!

birthday badge

Today is my twenty-tenth birthday (I strongly discourage any use of the ‘th’ word in my presence, until I grow more accustomed to my new age)! So far, it has been absolutely fab. I had breakfast brought to me in bed by my boys. Handsome made me a cup of tea, and Cheeky presented me with a dinner plate, on which was placed a satsuma, a yoghurt and a tablespoon with which to eat the aforementioned yoghurt! My presents were likewise brought to me, and they are brilliant. I couldn’t have chosen better myself!

GG's presents

These presents were from my beloved husband, GG. I can now officially call myself ‘Lady Jen’, and expect to be addressed as such by all you lesser mortals, as I’m now a landowner in Scotland! Also, I had a Christmas decoration for my tree (he knows that I like to collect nice ones, and thought it would be funny to buy one for my June birthday!) and a gorgeous sapphire and diamond eternity ring.

Chris's presents

My friend Chris bought me this array of goodies, including a signed picture of the gorgeous Mr Tennant (I think there may be opposition to my plan to put this on my bedside table, by hey ho!), and a swiss army knife which he has had inscribed with his nickname for me – ‘Alcatraz Jen’! Fabulous!


My friend Maria presented me with this cake when we went out for lunch on Sunday, along with the badge that I’m holding in the picture at the top and my balloon in the bottom picture. She took the photo on the cake on my 21st birthday, when we were sitting in the Foreigners’ Club in Sorrento, overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. What a wonderful holiday that was! Oh, and the cake was good too – chocolate sponge, mmm!

Angie's presentringboys' present

In these pictures are (from the left) the glass bangle from Angie, my gorgeous eternity ring from GG (didn’t he do well!) and my rose quartz heart pendant from my children (they did well as well!). I’m a very lucky girl to have such kind and generous friends and family! And my birthday’s not done yet – I’m seeing more people this evening, and I’m told that there are more presents to come! Yay! I love birthdays! (And I think I’ve been very restrained in my use of exclamation marks, given how excited I am this morning!)

Finally, the photo below is, I think, my official birthday portrait, captured (as was the first picture) by my eldest son. The first picture of Lady Alcatraz Jen after my appointment to the title! It shows the conflict in my mind between my real age (twenty ten) and my (optimistic) inner age (twenty one). I hope you all have a wonderful my-birthday today, and have a glass of wine and a piece of cake for me!



8 Responses

  1. Happy Happy Birthday ….. you look gorgeous in the photo!

    If there is continued opposition to the David Tennant photo on your bedside table, I am sure I could find a home for it here LOL!

    Happy Days!!

  2. Happy Birthday 😀

  3. What lovely presents! Happy Twenty Tenth!

  4. So sorry I missed it! Happy belated birthday, and you are looking fantastic!!! xxx

  5. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and for the compliments on my photo – all down to the photographer, I can assure you! I’ll pass them onto him!

  6. A belated happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I too will be twenty-ten this year….eek… thankfully I’ve got a few months left to come to terms with it though… 🙂

  7. Happy (belated) Birfday, Jenn!

    And thank you for your comment on my Christmas Floral Doily!! I would be happy to run off a copy and post a link, if that would help? buzz me back, here’s the link:


  8. PS: Ocarp, that means I am now twenty-thirty-twosies-hey, thaths a mouthful~ LOL!

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