I can’t sleep

This is very unlike me. I usually sleep too much rather than too little. Recently, though, I’ve been very restless and waking up multiple times each night. It’s 6.30am here now and I’ve already been up for an hour and a half.

I can’t think why my sleep is being so disturbed. There is nothing in my diet which has changed. I don’t have a guilty conscience! I’m not worrying about anything (any more than I would usually, anyway!) and I’m in good health.

It’s very frustrating. I generally love my bed, but my recent restlessness has taken all the joy out of it! Oh, and it’s not the lighter mornings which are waking me. We have good curtains which keep our room nice and dark, whatever the season.

Well anyway, it looks like it might be a nice day today. There’s a fair amount of blue sky out there, with a few white clouds bobbing about. Hopefully they’ll burn off as the day warms up. However, with the current state of affairs, I’ll probably miss most of the day as I’ll be catching up on my sleep at exactly the wrong time. I’m not impressed.

*postscript* Looks like I have a companion in my insomnia this morning. Handsome has just got up to announce to me that the last of his front teeth has come out. He’s been working on wobbling it out for a few days now, so he was very pleased that his hard work had paid off! Oh, and now I can hear him talking to Cheeky, so I expect that I’ll have two companions shortly.


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  1. Morning! You should have popped over and taken your god-dogs for a walk! xx

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