The pictures I meant to post!

Here are the two (old) pictures which I planned to post on Wednesday but couldn’t as I had lost the cable for my camera. I apologise for the quality, but I was simply too lazy to scan them on properly (my scanner is buried beneath a pile of stuff while I redecorate my bedroom) so this will have to do.

me in Amalfi 2000

Here I am, age 21 (just, I celebrated my birthday in Italy) standing by the seafront in Amalfi. Look how contented I look! Try to ignore how big my nose looks – it’s only because the sun’s shining on it. I don’t think it’s actually that big!

me and maria in italy 2000

And here’s my best friend Maria and I, in a bar one evening in Sorrento. I think we were probably sitting on the Piazza Tasso, the main square in Sorrento, watching the world and his wife go by. It was one of our favourite ways to pass the evenings! I don’t think we’ve aged a day, except when Maria turns into posh Solicitor lady, then she seems very grown up and responsible. My friend tell me that I must be grown up, now I have children, a husband and a mortgage. They don’t seem to understand that that doesn’t necessarily follow! I don’t feel any older than when I left school, and certainly no older than when this photo was taken, nearly nine years ago to the day.

We had a fabulous time, and although we won’t be able to recreate our holiday perfectly when we return in September (as GG and our friend Gareth won’t be there) I hope that we can at least revisit our favourite places and create some more happy memories to add to the huge bank that we made back in 2000 when we last went to that part of Italy. And there will undoubtedly be more photos to share with you once I get home!

2 Responses

  1. Nice photos. =) They came up pretty clearly too.

  2. […] not exactly thrilled with this and are insisting that you’re no older than you were a decade ago, but you’re missing the point. None of us feel older than we did when we were at school / […]

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