I was sitting on the bus thinking about what to write for today’s blog post, and I suddenly thought about a lot of contrasting things, so I thought I’d like to share a few of these contrasts with you. Firstly, two events are happening in Cardiff tomorrow. At 2pm on the lawn on front of City Hall there will be a gathering of people celebrating World Wide Knit In Public day. I’m hoping to get to this, as I managed to go to my very first Stitch and Bitch meeting last night, and I didn’t want to leave! The people were all really lovely and welcoming, and many of them will also be there tomorrow.

In contrast, at 4pm in the civic centre behind the Museum will be the start of the Cardiff celebration of World Naked Bike Ride Day! GG was having lots of fun last night imagining lots of knitting grannies hugely enjoying the sight of all these people cycling in the altogether! You couldn’t really get two more contrasting events!

Another contrast which comes to my mind this morning is the differing attitude of parents to their children in public. There is a woman who often gets on the same bus as me who is always so impatient with her two year old child. The child tries to hug her legs and gets pushed away, or gets snapped at for bending to look under the pushchair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not painting myself as whiter than white when I mention this woman. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to impatience with my children, but I feel so guilty when I catch myself with that attitude. I am afraid that I have always suffered a quick temper, so I’ve had to work very hard since having my children at reining in my temper and not snapping at them. I read so many infertility blogs, and blogs written by people who have succeeded after a lot of medical intervention to have children and so whenever I catch myself feeling anything less than eternally blessed by having my precious sons, I feel so guilty that I’m taking my (easily achieved) motherhood for granted. However, I console myself with the fact that I can see how precious they are, and I can appreciate what I have, unlike some others you see who constantly seem to almost resent their children for taking up their time and energy. Which leads me to another contrast. I find myself in the minority of mothers I know who are willing to play with their children. Now, I don’t mean play as in sit down with a board game. I mean play as in run round the park playing tag, or chase them up the road, or roll on the floor play-wrestling. Most fathers I know will do all this, but the mothers don’t. I’m sure they don’t realise what fun they’re missing out on. Running round the park for half an hour dodging two small children is way more fun than jogging on a treadmill, and makes me feel far happier inside!

The final contrast I thought of today is the contrasting architecture in many cities between the lower and upper floors of the buildings. Have you ever noticed that, in many instances, the lower floors of shops (especially of those which were built in the early 20th century) are often very plain. However, if you take the trouble to look up, there are often some real gems hiding above the average person’s eyeline. But I’ll leave this for my next post as I have some photos to share with you. But if you live in a town or city with some older buildings, have a look up next time you pass through the town, and I expect you’ll be surprised and the difference in the view once you look above the shop frontages.


2 Responses

  1. I love contrasts. Funny thing is that I’m not too good at writing comparing/contrasting essays… I got low grades in that section in my writing class.

  2. Some thought provoking contrasts.

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