David Tennant to reprise Hamlet!

Woop! It has been announced that David Tennant will be reprising his role as the eponymous hero in the RSC production of Hamlet, together with all the other key actors from the sell out run! Yay! I went to see it in London just before Christmas, but unfortunately missed David’s performance as he was still recovering from the operation he underwent on his back. Even without him it was a fabulous performance, and I wouldn’t have missed it, but I’m extremely glad that I’ll get the chance to see it on BBC2 at some point later this year. And if BBC2 have commissioned it, you can be sure that it won’t be long before it goes to BBC America and ABC in Australia, or similar networks, thereby allowing millions more to see a performance that was described as “the greatest Hamlet of his generation”.

There has been a huge public demand for a repeat performance of HamletĀ by David Tennant, so I’m really glad that the BBC have got behind it and are doing this. Makes the televisionĀ licence fee more palatable!


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  1. Firstly, if it is true ? that David will be playing Hamlet in a BBC production it will be of course worth watching.However “David Tennant as the greatest Hamlet of his generation” must surely be challanged and questioned.Kenneth Branagh may be from a different generation ,but in his performance live in Stratford and also released on DVD then what are the conclusions?.The conclusion ,i

  2. The conclusions(I was cut off ) David may have been under the control from a director , however , I feel his delivery of emotive and angry major speech appeared flat at times..The bedroom scene with Gertrude was in my view lacking emotion.That scene includes Penny Downie , playing Gertrude, when she exclaims oghh Hamlet thou has cleft my heart in twain.She may as well have been talking about putting the cat out for the night.David talks about the twenty thousand troops fighting and dying for a “straw” and an “eggshell” as though one was reading the weather.I applaud the RSC in some respects in bringing comedy into a tragic play . However the comedy in my view appeared “over the top”.Yes , I can l have a chuckle at condoms in Laertes suitcase, David wheeled in on an office chair gagged with tape etc etc etc. But the comedy just kept going on and on .I am not adverse to the RSC adapting the text.The recent production of the Tempest with an African influence was “amazing”.Is it the fact that David was playing Hamet and then the temptation would be to bring more comedic moments into the play?.I saw Alan RIckmen play Hamlet in Liverpool many years ago , and also many other actors play this role on film and live in theatre..Can we really praise David to much ?(yes he was good0 but he will never be Branagh

  3. :: happy dance ::

    I’m looking forward to seeing that.

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